Did it Ping or Did it Pong? The Art of Intelligent Customer Service.

Sorry for the telephone ping pong” said the receptionist.

But ping pong implies that the calls went both ways. This only pinged or it ponged, you did not return my four calls” said a very fed up, frustrated me.

Shocked, the receptionist somewhat huffily replied: “But what do you expect me to do when I don’t get an answer?”

“Manage, my expectations” I rallied, “Manage my expectations”

Exit the scene: one defensive receptionist thinking that customers just ask too much and one customer thinking of taking her not insubstantial business elsewhere.

The Devil, so I am told, is in the detail. Good customer service isn’t just about providing great services and products, but its about dealing with problems in an intelligent way. Even if the problem is an inability to deal with the customer’s request. As my twenty something son would say: “You know this”. So why do so many businesses fail to deliver? It doesn’t take much to get it right. A little intelligence, a little communication , a soupcon of understanding of our clients’ situation. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

There’s a knife-edge between getting it wrong and getting it right, but intelligent customer service requires a sensitive approach to customers and the ability to admit that either you haven’t got all the answers or that the request is just too damn difficult. We all respect that. We don’t respect non-communication and flannel!!!