The Grown Up Brand – The Real Meaning of Brand Value

The Grown Up Brand – The Real Meaning of Brand Value

In the old days a brand was as big as the vision of its management team. Brands could boldly go where they wanted and marketers could tightly control how a particular brand was seen. In some cases, a brand was distinctly hampered by both a lack of corporate vision and a failure to appreciate the feelings of the marketplace.

However, things have changed in our world. Information is instantaneously available, delivered through the highly effective medium of social media. We can sympathise with the Japanese victims of a Tsunami, get behind those fighting for greater freedoms in The Arab Spring and globally engage in The Olympics like never before.

People have greater empathy with others across the world and our personal vision and experience is sharper than ever before. The Grown Up Brand has to take account of all of these changes. It is no longer isolated and controlled only by a team of managers, but part of the real world, in which we live, tightly connected to the pulse of its target audience and to global changes too. The Grown Up Brand has to take not only responsibility for the here and now, but be mindful of the future and of the brand footprint on the planet.

A client with whom we are working on a new project personified this recently. As we were working on brand creation, he decided that it was only right and proper that this new brand expand its raison d’etre from an online art shop, to encompass the support of young artistic talent worldwide. We didn’t force this value on him, but he felt that as an entrepreneur, it was beholden on him and the brand he was creating to be socially supportive to struggling youngsters. Well done him! Needless to say, it is a pleasure to work with someone who appreciates the power of The Grown Up Brand.

From medical marketing to consumer goods, brands that will survive will need to be globally aware and responsible, even when working in local markets.